Domestic cleans


Your home is your castle, your own private space; therefore you need to feel safe and secure with the persons coming in to your home and being amongst your private world and possessions Our Domestic cleaners are especially chosen for their experience, reliability, honesty and ability to use their initiative and their respect and discretion.

When you decide you need the help of domestic cleaning specialists, whether it is for a one off spring clean or a regular Domestic clean then our Mission Impossible Cleaners have the right hand picked cleaners on-board whom specialize in Domestic cleaning.

And only Domestic cleaning .All we ask is that you understand that you need to be a realist in what you want and what can be achieved in the average time frame of 3 hours. Talk to our experienced friendly operator to tailor make a strategy for you that is as cost effective as we can make it.

Trust us: as we want you to come back and know that we all have many years of experience in the industry so know best what can be achieved in a given time frame. At times being human beings you just might not like your chosen cleaner although this is extremely rare.

The biggest problem we have is you will like them very much and be tempted to hire them privately. We can only advise that we definitely do not encourage the practice but also the specific cleaner might not have insurance and may only be insured through our banner.

Bond Cleaning


Mission Impossible cleaners, specialize in vacate exit cleans. We realize Moving is an extremely stressful time, we are aware of that, and will Endeavour to make your moving experience a whole lot easier.

Our admin will need to ask you a few questions, about your property, to enable them to assess your requirements. We can give you a guesstimate over the phone, or arrange an obligation free quote.

At Mission Impossible we guarantee our work, so you get your bond back. Even the most experienced, vacate, cleaners can get call backs from increasingly tough Agents, and can overlook some detail, with fatigue and NQ.conditions. Book early, so you dont miss out.

If moving interstate, let Admin know and we will arrange key pick up from your agent. Check with your property manager, whether you need to clean the garage, verandah, underneath the house etc. This may save you time and hassle later.

Our Bond return cleans are similar to the deluxe detailing of a vehicle. We guarantee our work which means that we will return ASAP after notification to re-attend specific issues your agent is not entirely happy with.

We offer excellent package deals including of the clean carpets and window furnishings. Even pest control if required. We can also attend to rubbish removal, mowing, garden tidy or anything else you may need doing to end your tenancy agreement.

Window Cleaning Service

We all know the difference of looking out of crystal clear windows and enjoying the view compared to looking at grimy greasy glass that is depressing to look at let alone trying to see out of.

Sparkling clean windows not only lift your mood they enhance the view and actually make a house or office look and feel cleaner and well maintained as well as let more light in and in colder areas more sunshine which can help even cut down on expensive heating.

We can clean most windows most of the time including odd shapes specialist antique glass and many atriums

We have specialist window cleaners also if and where required.

We don’t have abseiling windows cleaners yet but we are working on it. !!!

Commercial Cleaning Services


Our commercial cleaning service essentially translates to cleaning commercial buildings like office, clubs, restaurants, hotels, medical centers, halls, shops and the list goes on.

The Mission Impossible cleaners employ innovative cleaning techniques, and processes so as to carry out seamless cleaning of the different facilities.

As part of our commercial cleaning services we can do carpet cleaning, specialist floor cleaning such as strip and seal and windows cleaning a range of services comes under this banner.

For your piece of mind we have cleaners who are trained with the specific skill set such as carpet cleaning and whom are individually trained for each of the specialist services we provide as well as being all round generalized cleaners. These cleaners are also security checked and aware of OHS standards.

As always, we request you, whatever the task throw us a challenge, we are not called Mission Impossible for nothing!.

Spring Cleaning Service

A spring cleaning is definitely a detailed, thorough cleaning that you plan to carry out once in a while or even once a year. So if you are planning spring cleaning just before the holiday season, Christmas or even before an event or party at your home, then engage the Mission Impossible cleaners to carry out this task for you.

Our experienced, friendly and informative receptionist will suggest certain options, based on your requirements, time constraints and of course, budget; after finalizing, our cleaners will go about the spring cleaning routine and deliver the best results we possibly can.

Our experienced receptionist can tailor make a spring clean especially for your situation including tasks you want to prioritize but advising you on what you can realistically achieve.

For example you have venetian blinds or louvres on every window and you want them cleaned as well as all windows inside, fans, skirting’s and air cons and vacuum and mop throughout as well as wiping down surfaces in 5 hours. This is unrealistic and your reception will advise you to perhaps not do the blinds as they are very time consuming but everything else can be possible done within your time frame.

Remember we want your business and hope you will come back so it’s in our interests to look after you with the best advice and proposed clean possible with the minimum hours and money spent by you. So please listen to the receptionist advice.

High Pressure cleaning


High Pressure cleaning is external high pressure cleaning of pathways, driveways, walls and house washing.

Mission impossible cleaning can take care of most of your high pressure cleaning needs and our experienced team know where and when to use the correct PSI for the specific application.

After all we dont want to blast your pebble crete away when you just want the pathway cleaned and you certainly do not want your timber walls blasted with such high pressure that serious damage is done.

Thats why you need to call the experts at mission impossible cleaning and maintenance for all your high pressure needs

High Cleans


Mission impossible cleaners are familiar with high cleans whereby :we are dealing with situations where there may be blood or other bodily fluids where perhaps someone has been bedridden or had an incident .

Please do not hesitate to call us and discuss your specific situation.

We are all human and there is no need for embarrassment in these circumstances.

We just need as accurate information as you can give us so we can send the right people with the right chemicals and equipment.

Pre-sale Cleaning Services


Everyone knows that enhancing your property and giving it a cosmetic makeover can and does increase its market value and this includes a thorough clean inside and out.

The mission impossible team can make those inside surfaces sparkle and give the exterior of a tired house a good clean up including an exterior wash which can give excellent results and is definitely cheaper than a paint job.

If you’re putting your property on the market then call the mission impossible team and increase your market price or simply do a yearly maintenance clean to keep your property in the best shape possible.

Spending some money today might avoid very costly remediation work at a later date. We can also keep that garden under control or whip it into shape for your launch to market.

Builders Clean


Generally, after a building or house construction, the place is not totally ready for you to move in.

I There is usually a lot of dust and building debris often including adhesive residue on windows and tiles and other surfaces which can be extremely difficult to remove and need extensive but extremely careful cleaning with cleaners whom know what they are doing and what solvents and chemicals that can be safely used without doing harm.

There are a lot of aspects that have to be taken care of before you can call it home or you can settle in knowing that surfaces are dust and residue free. What price for peace of mind?

Therefore, Mission Impossible cleaners have on board specialists after builders’ cleaners who employ the right techniques and use the latest equipment and cleaning products that can whip the building, house, or site back into a presentable and livable condition.

We are only happy when you and any And not just that, we will leave the building with that WOW factor for the excited new owners waiting to move in.

After Sale Cleaning Services


It is often part of the contract of sale that a Vacate type clean is carried out on the property you are selling but you don’t want to pay Bond cleaning rates do you?. Besides it been your home so it’s probably in pretty good condition and especially as you have probably had open homes.

Our mission impossible cleaners can help tailor a clean for you at a price acceptable to you.

This also applies to where you may be renting out your property.

Just remember if you are putting your property into a property managers hands we also have to clean to their standard which is very good as the home owner as they have your investment as their top priority and are going to be tough in which instance the clean may have to be more detailed to pass their extraneous standards.

Estate Cleaning


Mission impossible Cleaning and Maintenance are expert at Estate cleans and general clean ups.

We understand this has been and is a very stressful time often with quite a few people with invested interests and usually one or two people under a lot of pressure to get everything done in a short space of time.

Why not give us a call and our very experienced secretaries will organize our Head cleaner or Assessor to meet you at the said property for an appraisal so we can give you the best price possible.

We can also do the entire garden clean up and rubbish removal even basic maintenance if required.

Solar Panel Cleaning


Did you know that keeping your Solar panels clean can greatly increase their ability to attract and convert that sunshine into power by as much as 40%.

So do the math if your solar panels are dirty and grimy they effectively have a film over them like dirty windows you can’t see out of properly and are operating at 40% and below their optimal operating ability.

This of course is worse depending on where you live.

Experts advise regular solar panel cleaning at least yearly to maximize your power ability but also to increase your panel’s life span.

It’s a matter of why wouldn’t you do it?. Call mission impossible cleaning and maintenance for all your solar panel cleaning.

Pool and Spa cleaning


Mission impossible cleaning and maintenance can take care of your pool needs and ensure not only is it left free of debris but sparkling clean and most importantly safe from microbes and

other potentially harmful bacteria than can cause ear and other painful infections in humans

and let’s face it our pools and spas are and should be a source of pleasure for all the family not potential pain.

Floor Polish and Shine


Mission impossible Cleaners have specific cleaners that are skilled in maintaining and enhancing timber and

Ceramic floors ( and other) A lot of damage can be done to your beautiful timber floor by hiring a cleaner whom does not have the experience or training to know what to do or use or more importantly “NOT” what to do or use on that beautiful and expensive timber floor ( I have one) We have heard absolute horror stories over the years due to an unskilled cleaner being let loose on someone’s magnificent floors.

Realistically in specialist areas such as this you need to expect to pay Industry averages for the appropriately skilled cleaners such as at mission impossible cleaning not just the cheapest quote.

It just simply is not worth it. It’s that old cliché if it sounds too good to be true it probably is!!

Mould Removal


Mould can be very hazardous to health. Therefore, it needs removal, wherever found or it can lead to a series of health problems. Mould is not always easily removed and there are very many types (species) Our North Queensland environment just thrives in it as we all know especially during wet seasons.

As do other states where there's moisture there will sometimes be mold So removing it easily does not always work and it can be a bit more involved requiring specific chemicals and treatments it can be safely and effectively removed.

We believe claims some companies make about permanently removing Mould are untrue as whilst the growing conditions (environment) remain there are no absolute guarantees. There are however always new products and treatments arriving on the market that we happily use and are continuously researching on.

We can also advise you on the best way to keep those horrid and ugly and damaging Mould away and or seriously limited. So whether you live in the tropics or in the colder climates where there’s moisture there will inevitably be Mould or mildew.

Call the Mission impossible experts. We are not microbiologists but we sure are experts at getting rid of most molds most of the time and can give advice on how to reduce the possibility of it coming back.

Rubbish Removal


If you want any type of rubbish removal to be carried out from either your home or office, or in the event of a vacate cleaning, bond or end of lease cleaning,

or as part of a spring cleaning or even after builders cleaning, there can be a lot of rubbish that you need to remove off the property.

And Mission Impossible can help you out in this. We clean out practically anything that you do not need.

Be it old furniture, appliances, garden rubbish, green waste construction and renovation debris. We also specialize in such major jobs as Hoarders cleans.

Give us a call at mission impossible cleaning or email us at for information and advice on how we can best help you.



Mission impossible Cleaning and Maintenance can do basic maintenance on your house internally and externally including patching holes, matching paintwork, fixing hinges to cupboards and a whole range of other maintenance needs.

We can also match you up with qualified fencers and painters.

Just Ask if we can’t personally help you we may be able to recommend the right persons for your job.

Impressed? Want to try out our cleaning services? Then give us a call and we will show you why we are one of the leaders in the cleaning and maintenance area.



Mission impossible Cleaning and Maintenance Can also cater to most of your garden needs from mowing, wiper snipping, trimming, hedging and pruning.

Lawn sowing and weeding. We can take care of the average garden requirements be it a one off such as with a moving clean or a regular monthly maintenance mow the mission impossible team can whip that garden into shape.

Anything is possible with the team from mission impossible cleaning and maintenance.

Mission Impossible can do anything in the domestic or Commercial Grounds Maintenance area including seasonal lawn treatments, hedge maintenance, hedge pruning, hard green waste removal and full garden bed maintenance.

We can set up a detailed Garden Maintenance program or simply turn a shabby lawn into the best looking property in the street.

Dog grooming


We have a specialist and very experienced dog groomer on hand. (Only small dogs at the moment) Your pooch will be treated lovingly as you would yourself and given the best care whilst in our groomer’s hands including clipping and trimming of course!! Allergy free products are only used but please let us know if you’re special one is extremely sensitive as some are to the gentlest of products. There is no waiting around for our precious pooches increasing their stress and anxiety. This is a bespoke service and bookings are essential so maximum time can be given to each pooch. We can also pick your best friend up and bring them home beautifully coiffured!!

Clandestine Drug Labs

Midway through 2019 Mission Impossible Cleaners will be introducing our Meth lab cleaning team whom are trained in this specific area of expertise. As those of you whom are unfortunate enough to have been or are effected with this problem it requires expert solutions and trained experts that have the knowledge and skills to clean up and remediate your property. If you have an enquiry in this area and we cannot assist you at the time we may be able to recommend the experts that can.

Discounts may apply with all our services except more skilled tasks such as Carpet cleaning, Floors, High pressure work, High cleans, Clandestine Drug Labs, Veterans and all military personnel, Emergency services Workers, Disability and Aged pensioners, Students and others qualify . Not sure?. Please just ask.

We are all increasingly in a time poor world! Give us a call you might get a pleasant surprise at what and how inexpensive one of mission impossible cleaning and maintenance services might cost!! After all you will never know IF you do not ask!!

Give us, Mission Impossible Cleaners a call on 0419 304 652 or email us on

Soft Furnishing Upholstery


Mission Impossible Cleaners can do most of your soft furnishings including curtains, blinds most window dressings, Sofas, Mattresses(we do not believe that any process can actually successfully sanitize mattresses enough to destroy blood borne viruses)a claim made by some companies and a request made by some agents) However a good thorough cleaning using our processes can certainly destroy bedbugs and give excellent results and make that mattresses as fresh and clean as possible.

We recommend a yearly maintenance clean with all your upholstery to keep it free from dust,some bacteria and mites.

Mission impossible can also clean and nourish your beloved leather furniture. It’s not only your place to relax if it’s looked after like a good pair of leather shoes it they can last a lifetime.

Vehicle cleaning and detailing


Mission impossible cleaning and maintenance can also have your car expertly detailed and washed by hand as anyone with their precious investment and with car knowledge will tell you your superb finish and deco can potentially be damaged over time with mechanical car washes.

You can drop your car with us or we can offer you a valet service to pick up your vehicle and bring it home again in all its enhanced splendor for surprisingly good rates. Just ask.


We hear all too many stories whereby cleaners whom were obviously not trained well enough did damage to tiles or timber floors or other tragedies which can add up to thousands of dollars of damage to someone’s home. This tends to happen mostly when the customer has grabbed the cheapest quote possible.

Contact Us

Please inform us if in advance if you or anyone else has any particular allergies. This is especially applicable in domestic and house and office cleaning. Mission Impossible cleaners use a selection of cleaning products

Simply call our 24 hour emergency number!